It is always good to be part of a professional network of like-minded people. It helps you build relationships that will broaden your perspectives, open you up to new ideas, or introduce you to new markets.

In other words, as an entrepreneur, it's important to publish your work on a platform that helps you build a reputation, increase your sales, and surround yourself with people who share your ambitions and vision.

Thus, publishing a video of your startup, your products, services or writing an article about you on the Gabon Meets the Word (GMW) network not only helps you to expand your network but it also makes yourself or your product well known.

By joining us, you have the advantages of the following tools:

- We highlight your products and or services in order to boost their visibility.
- We publish videos of your startup, product or service and articles about you on our website but also on our various social media pages in order to boost your visibility and attract potential customers or partners to you.

- We assist you in finding business partners across Africa.
- In the “Get in touch with” section of our website, we connect you to certified coaches and consultants to guide you in your various projects.
- Through our platform, expand your network. Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

- Whiles sharing your activities on our website and our various social media channels, you can easily be spotted and be referred to people who might need your services or your expertise or vice versa.

- If you have difficulties creating your startups, or carrying out a project, we connect you to certified coaches and consultants who are ready to assist you.
- Through GMW, you can share your knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the same field as you. By interacting with other entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to avoid certain mistakes made by your predecessors or competitors. This will help you see things from a different perspective. 

- By sharing videos or articles about you, GMW helps you communicate and publicize the purpose of your structure, product or service.
- Via our programs called “GMW CHAT ROOM”, we give a voice to entrepreneurs, startups, influencers and or those who have projects or idea to promote.

- Take advantage of our advertising spaces for your advertisements.

*** When sending us your videos or articles, please don't forget to mention:
- Your geolocation.
- The purpose of your structure, product or service, your various social media, and your contact numbers.
- Information such as your website, or your email address.
- The quality of your product or what differentiates it from your competitors.
- The goal of your video or article:
1) If it is to find investors, partners or distributors?
2) Or is it just to market yourself or your product or service?

NB: Your video must not last more than two (2) minutes.

Lassen Sitault A. Nancy
Director of Gabon Meets the World