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We will be delighted to have you as one of our freelancers. However, please note that we reserve the right to refuse your publication if:
- The source of your article is not trustworthy.
- It is not following our guideline.
- It is offensive, harmful or promotional.
- It is directed towards a public offense or for political reasons.
- This violates our "Terms and Conditions", our "Privacy Policies"or our internal regulations.

You are responsible for your article. So check:
- The spelling of the names of the people or startups you mention.
- Be sure to confirm the facts with multiple sources before submitting your article.
- If permission is needed, make sure you get permission before you mention an entity or anything.
- Any legal action taken in the event of plagiarism, false information, etc. concerning your article, will be directed to you. This might cause us to permanently remove you from our system. 

Deadline: Please allow at least 24 hours for your article to be reviewed and published on our site.


These guidelines are what we look for when considering submissions to our site.

To do:

You should write on subjects which can stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the "made in Africa" ​​industry. But be sure to use a topic that you are an expert on. This way, you will know how to make your piece unique. Please do not submit an article that you have already submitted with only a few adjustments added.

Content: We invite you to be not only creative but also informative. Use several examples to illustrate your point and add links to it. However, avoid any kind of promotion or advertising content.

Interesting angle: Take time to study and research the topic you want to write about. To grab the attention of your audience, try to bring out angles that have not been discussed before by other editors or freelancers.

Research: To make your article more informative, we strongly recommend that you research your topic thoroughly.

Creative: be creative! Browse articles from other publishers and get inspired to create something different. Add images, videos, stats, graphics, testimonials or links that will grab the attention of your audience.

Personalize your article: You are free to use any specific structures, size when writing your article. As said, be creative.

Reliable sources: That your sources of information (studies, images, videos, statistics, graphics, testimonials) are reliable.

Check spelling error: Check spelling and grammar before submitting your article.


Originality: No plagiarism will be accepted.

Unpaid or links mentioned: Any item coverage given in exchange for compensation by a third party other than GMW, will result in the deactivation of our site.

No Self-Promotion: This is not the place to promote your business or services. If you want to do a promotion, please contact us and we will gladly help you.

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